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Meet the Editors-in-Chief of the Glomerular Diseases Journal: Prof. Dr. Adler and Prof. Dr. Nast

In this special edition of the “Meet the Editors-in-Chief” series, we interviewed two co-editors of the journal Glomerular Diseases, Prof. Dr. Sharon Adler and Prof. Dr. Cynthia Nast. Watch this video and learn more about:

  • A new precision medicine algorithm that enables patients with rare glomerular diseases to be diagnosed based on molecular signatures
  • The role of collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies, medical societies, and government agencies to bring new therapies forward
  • How nephrology societies contribute to guidelines and education, in the service of patients and treatments
  • Patient education and engagement in glomerular diseases clinical trials
  • The launch of the first-in-class journal, Glomerular Diseases and it’s relationship with the International Society of Glomerular Disease

Also, the journal has an open Call for Papers on the topic “Advances in Diabetic Kidney Diseases”.

See the latest calls for papers from our extensive journal range.

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