July 2022

The Evolution of Our Publication Production Process

The production of our scientific publications follows a proven process with some overarching workflow milestones: copyediting, author proofing, typesetting and…

Michael Dürst

June 2022


Icons in Cardiology – Remembering Creative Minds and Their Discoveries

We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Heinrich Taegtmeyer, Professor of Medicine at McGovern Medical School, UTHealth, Houston. He…

Ines Silva Pires
nut consumption

A Peanut a Day Keeps the Nephrologist Away?

Regular nut consumption has a positive effect on chronic kidney disease and mortality in the United States, a recent study…

Linda Lardelli

The Evolution of Fast Facts – Form Follows Function

Fast Facts is a series of handbooks that has been published for over 25 years covering various medical conditions. For…

Joachim Flickinger
misconceptions about publishers

5 Popular Misconceptions about Karger

There are different ideas about what we, a scientific publisher, actually do. Let us share some of the misconceptions we…

Linda Lardelli

May 2022

Team of Medical Research Scientists Work on a New Generation Dis

4 Tips on how to Succeed in Academia

How can young researchers or medical doctors find their place in (medical) history? We talked with Heinrich Taegtmeyer, Professor of…

Ines Silva Pires
day in the life series

A Day in the Life of the Head of Digital Landscape

Get to know a typical work day of our Head of Digital Landscape: Adrian Harper. Learn about his “Getting Things…

Linda Lardelli

A Book Is a Book Is a Book – or Is It?

Karger Publishers’ first publication appeared in book form, the “Geburtshülfliche Vademecum” (a handbook for obstetricians) from the beginning of the…

Joachim Flickinger
day in the life series

A Day in the Life of an Executive Assistant/Rights & Permission Manager

What is it like to work in two roles at the same time? Samuel Lei, Executive Assistant of CPM and…

Sophie Saberi

April 2022

Come in, Take a Seat, and Browse

Knowledge defeats fear, googling your symptoms doesn’t. Therefore, we decided to break down complicated diagnoses, explain conditions, and illustrate comorbidities…

Susanne Meister
day in the life series

A Day in the Life of an SIV Specialist

What does someone in the Strategy, Innovation & Venture (SIV) Department of our company actually do from day to day,…

Linda Lardelli
karger campus education elearning

Support in Every Step of the Research Cycle

How can you write a compelling paper? Or avoid having your paper rejected? Have you covered every step in your…

Linda Lardelli

March 2022

wimo award 2022

Supporting Young Researchers Learning How to Communicate Science

Last Friday, 25 March 2022, the annual Science Month (Wissenschaftsmonat or WIMO) was rounded off with the presentations of the…

Cora Wirtz-Spycher
Female scientist in a lab

Open Science: Fighting Faster, Smarter and More Equitably against Covid-19

There have been heated debates about how exactly to deal with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. But one thing most people…

Beth Bayley
Doctor making notes at patients bed

Leveling Out Information Asymmetries Between Research, Practice and Patients

Research findings in the health sciences are at the core of improving health globally. Preparing these scientific findings for use…

Joachim Flickinger
day in the life series

A Day in the Life of a Human Resource Manager

We asked ourselves: What does Daniela Zimmermann do in her position as an “HR Manager”. We know that she interviews…

Linda Lardelli

February 2022

navigating a stormy sea

Constantly Evolving to Successfully Navigate a Stormy Sea

Karger Publishers has been going through substantial changes recently. There are several reasons for this transformation, and it is evident…

Cora Wirtz-Spycher
automation and innovation

Innovation through Automation: Copy Editing Tools

Karger uses innovative automation tools to make the process of copy editing manuscripts more accurate, efficient, and scalable. A good…

Michael Dürst
women in science

Recognizing Women in Science and Medicine

Genetics is a young specialty and was organized when there were already growing numbers of women in science and medicine. It…

Angela Scheuerle
3d illustration and concept of international logistics of agreements and international business. Networks and companies around the world

Connecting Communities and Advancing Scientific Knowledge

If your audience is a community, its perspectives are often shaped by shared knowledge within that community. But what happens…

Iola Forster

January 2022

tooth dental medicine

On Dental Caries and New Year Resolutions of a Sweet Tooth

With the festive season just behind us, where many of us have indulged in sweets, sugary foods and drinks, it…

Christna Chap
Patient centricity

From Patients for Patients: Best in Class Example of Customer Centricity

Filling educational gaps is what the Fast Facts series does best, particularly in the rare disease space. So how do…

Geoff Covey
Science technology concept. Laboratory. Examination. Research.

Find, Filter, and Extract what Matters

Keith and Kevin Kallmes, brothers and founders of Nested Knowledge, gave us an exclusive interview about winning the VIA Award, their…

Michael Schäfer
open access transformative journals

Transforming to Open Access with Transformative Journals

Working to advance Open Access (OA), an essential element of Open Science, can feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube: the…

Beth Bayley

December 2021

microscope in a laboratory

Immunotherapy, Non-Cytotoxic Therapy, and the Importance of Case Reports

We spoke with Maurie Markman, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Karger’s journals Oncology and Case Reports in Oncology, about new treatments and…

Steffi Hentzelt
global science film festival- movies, cinema

Scientists as Filmmakers: 5 Experiences

Common purpose of science, publishing, and film is getting the message across to the audience. Swiss Science Film Academy believes that…

Victoria Telebar
Partner Portals

Partner Portals: A Solution to the Dilemma Early Career Researchers Face

The path to a career as a researcher can be very rewarding, but Early Career Researchers (ECRs) encounter many challenges…

Deborah Lautenschlager

November 2021

Heinz Karger, Thomas Karger, Gabriella Karger

One for all. An Honorary Doctorate for Gabriella Karger – and the Karger Publishers Team

This November the University of Basel awarded Gabriella Karger, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors at Karger Publishers, an honorary…

Sophie Saberi
Health Scientist publishing research

Publishing with Karger: My Experience

Publishing your research as a first-time author can be a daunting experience.  It is therefore very important that publishers support…

Simon Turner
Vesalius Innovation Award

The Vesalius Innovation Award – What Sparks the (R)evolution?

What do early-stage startups have in common with a Renaissance surgeon? Why do we still consider Andreas Vesalius inspiring and…

Michael Schäfer
Geneticist using ISCN Digital

From the Microscope to the Internet – Digitizing ISCN

ISCN Online is the digital companion to Karger’s Human Cytogenomic Nomenclature (ISCN 2020) book. This convenient and continuously up-to-date resource…

Daniel Ebneter
authors publishing research

Hi, I Am Interested in Submitting…

We receive many inquiries every day from authors trying to find a home for their research. In the editorial office,…

Angela Lorenz

October 2021

On Open Access Week: A Newly OA Journal with Vision

Flipping our journal Ophthalmic Research in 2021 has proven to be anything but shortsighted. We kicked off our own Open…

Beth Bayley
doctors using digital technologies in their daily life, use of apps

Health Goes Digital

Medical applications, teledermatology, machine learning: There is a vast trend of digitalization in dermatology, and we are at the forefront….

Christoph Habel
blurred business people at a fair

Frankfurt Book Fair – We Are Here to Connect

Huge exhibition halls, countless exhibitors and visitors from all countries and cultures, exchange with our partners in medical publishing, and…

Melanie Peter
doctor in consultation with an oncology patient

Managing Patient Expectations: the Example of CAR T-cell Therapy

With recent CAR T-cell therapy approvals in leukemia and lymphoma, there has been a lot of coverage in both traditional…

Geoff Covey
Doctor Putting the patient at the center, informing him about his health

Knowledge Defeats Fear! How We Contribute to Patient-Centricity

Being informed about one’s health helps against anxieties, enables better communication between healthcare professionals and patients, and creates possibilities for…

Joachim Flickinger
Popcorn at a science film event "Karger at the movies"

How to Communicate Science through the Big Picture?

What do science, publishing, and filmmaking have in common? All want to get their message across to their audience. By…

Cora Wirtz-Spycher
Female doctor laughs with patient during paperwork

Women in Medicine, Taboo Diagnosis, and a Journal’s History

  The history and success of Karger Publishing began with the booklet “Geburtshülfliches Vademecum” in 1890, which was the first publication…

Linda Lardelli