We asked ourselves: What does Daniela Zimmermann do in her position as an “HR Manager”. We know that she interviews and hires people. But what else is part of her daily job? Let’s find out in the first interview of our “Day in the Life” blog series!  

daniela zimmermann human resource manager at karger

Take us through a day in your work life? What are some of the work habits you’ve developed over the years that help you maintain productivity? 

My workdays can be quite different, i.e. there is no real typical workday, in HR you have to always be very flexible. I try to do work that requires a high degree of concentration in the mornings and to always leave myself enough latitude that I can also take care of the daily business on time as well.  

What motivated you to apply for a position at Karger?  

My entire previous professional experience was in the government and I was looking for a new challenge in the private sector. Then I came upon the job posting at Karger, which was a 100% match with my needs and career goals at the time.   

What has been your experience during the remote working over the last two years? 

Personally, I found the home office time very positive. HO had a very good effect on my work-life balance. Professionally, I’ve often been able to discharge my responsibilities more efficiently. Additionally digitalization has been radically transformed in the past two years in the HR field. However, I do miss the personal contact with my colleagues.  

What do you enjoy the most about your time at Karger? 

That your strengths are fostered and you’re always given new challenges. Depending on your position, you have a lot of individual responsibility and can work very independently. And you have the possibility to bring your own ideas to the table and depending on circumstances also to implement them.  

What would you like someone who’s interested in applying to Karger to know? 

You have to be aware that Karger is in the middle of a large change and for this reason it might not be the suitable workplace for every applicant. Also, you have to be able to deal with the fact that you cannot always find ready-made work solutions available and you have to be very flexible. The current moment is challenging but on the flip-side you also have the chance to make an impact and help shape things yourself.  

Do you listen to music while you work? If yes, which type of music? 

Yes, whenever I can I listen to music – I can’t live without music. When I’m working I’m usually listening to the radio. My taste in music is very broad and I listen to almost everything.  


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