Find out what Susanne Meister does in the position as a “Manager Healthcare Publications” and how she structures her workday in the latest interview of our “Day in the Life” blog series!

Take us through a day in your work life? What are some of the work habits you’ve developed over the years that help you maintain productivity?

As Manager Healthcare Publications, I am responsible for Karger’s patient resources in the unit Healthcare Markets. The first thing I do every morning is to check my inbox. I answer/forward the mails that can be dealt with immediately; I add all others to my to-do-list and answer them later that day. Mails checked, tasks prioritized, the calls and meetings start coming in, which usually leads to more mails, more tasks, more calls, more meetings … However, the variety of tasks I have to do is exactly what I enjoy about my work.

In order to keep track of all the different assignments and deadlines, I use an old-fashioned agenda (paper) into which I pen my to-dos. Crossing out tasks from my to-do-list at the end of the day is really relaxing and satisfying. However, said list always seems to be growing rather than shrinking!

What motivated you to apply for a position at Karger?

I received my vocational training in a business publishing house, after which I worked for a publisher of local business directories. After a stint at the reception in a language school, I wanted to get back into publishing and stumbled across an intriguing job offer by Karger. The rest is history.

What has been your experience during the remote working over the last two years?

I was never interested in working remotely as I always enjoyed being in the office together with my colleagues. So, it was a new experience when we started working from home during lockdown. I surprised myself by how fast I got used to working remotely and by how much I enjoy and value the experience. The downside of working from home is that the fridge is too close …

What do you enjoy the most about your time at Karger?

It makes me happy to get to know and work with so many wonderful people – be it colleagues, authors, sales reps, patients or patient advocates. And I appreciate the possibility to learn about different topics. Sometimes after an interview, I feel like I could do an appendectomy, diagnose an allergy, or treat hair loss – just by listening to these amazing experts in their respective field.

I enjoy getting in touch with many different people and all kinds of topics. I love to look at the editorial calendar wondering whom best to approach and ask for an interview about asthma, dementia, or kidney diseases  I relish in visiting conferences and events, talking to people and listening to their stories, always in search of new ideas for our blog “The Waiting Room.” I look forward to brainstorming with colleagues, discussing novel concepts, and trying out new formats. (Yes, I am looking at you, podcast!)

What would you like someone who’s interested in applying to Karger to know?

Be prepared to work with the nicest, funniest, most helpful, clever and inspiring colleagues, keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid of change.

What publications do you read most, podcasts you listen to, any books you are currently reading?

I read a local newspaper, SPIEGEL and the New York Times. While cleaning, I like to listen to the radio or to real crime podcasts. Books range from novels (contemporary and classic) to thrillers to cookbooks.

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