At Karger Publishers, we have wrapped quite a year. Aside from publishing more than 5500 articles in 2022, a lot more highlights happened, which inspires us to move forward into 2023.

Back from Remote

In spring 2022, coming back to the office after two years of predominantly working from home was a highlight for us as an organization. First and foremost, it was great to meet colleagues again in person, conduct workshops and other meetings face to face, and even host a company barbecue. We have learned a lot and adapted our remote work policy based on those experiences.

Open for Open

Our strategic principle of being “Open for Open” continued its momentum in 2022. For the 2023 publishing year, we have moved to flip two more journals to Open Access (OA), bringing the number of Gold OA journals in 2023 to over 40% of our research journal portfolio. We introduced Subscribe to Open, a pilot for initially two journals that will be turned fully OA for one year whenever subscriptions reach a pre-defined level. Finally, three more of our journals became Transformative Journals, yet another approach to fast-tracking journals to OA.

Taking Health Sciences Further

In our efforts to translate science into easy-to-digest formats for a broader audience, Karger acquired the science communication agency Research Publishing International (RPI). It fully supports our strategy offering products and services that go above and beyond publishing peer-reviewed scientific research. Through innovative podcasts, animations, video abstracts, and social media dissemination, RPI makes science more visible and presentable. Putting the emphasis on making knowledge applicable and actionable for healthcare practitioners and patients, we published our first Podcast series in July with our partner ResearchPod (a product of RPI and now a part of Karger). Based on the Fast Facts Handbook series the podcast gives updates on health topics by respective experts and is available via all known podcast channels. In addition, listen in on the popular Waiting Room blog.

Never Stop Learning

To support young researchers and PhD students from the very beginning, our Campus Courses in six languages started at the beginning of this year. The easy-to-understand courses teach students how to structure and write a research paper in order to get accepted and finally published by publishing houses in less time. Our ten courses, created and reviewed by health science experts in each topic and delivered through an engaging format, guide researchers through the entire process, helping them achieve publication success, and maximize the impact of their research. Our own employees took to the classroom too: with our internal Lifelong Learning Program, employee training and development was expanded and formalized into a comprehensive concept. One part of this is free access to LinkedIn Learning and granting everyone one hour of working time per week for training.

Powering the Next Generation of Inventors

2022 ended with the successful Vesalius Innovation Award ceremony during the STM Week in London at the beginning of December. The award honors startups that offer innovative solutions for the rapidly changing needs of the Health Sciences publishing and Open Science sector. It was exciting to see all the innovative ideas of the participants. Congratulations to ImageTwin, who offers a solution for detecting manipulations and duplications in the figures within scientific articles. And, not to forget, our new Ambassadors Program aims to give researchers – especially early career researchers – a helping hand in much of that labor that takes place outside the lab. Recognizing and showing appreciation for researchers’ excellence and efforts is important to us, as is supporting structures that let researchers thrive.


These are only a few of the highlights this year has brought us all. But we want to hear from you. What’s been your personal highlight? And what are you looking forward to in 2023? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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