It’s not easy being a researcher – no elaborate studies are needed to prove that! Besides the actual pursuit of science, researchers are expected to learn how to publish and review articles, network, and understand trends as well as comprehend the whole knowledge ecosystem. They carry a lot on their shoulders, and it’s all essential to optimizing their efforts and careers.

Our new Karger Ambassadors Program aims to give researchers – especially Early Career Researchers – a helping hand in much of that labor that takes place outside the lab. Recognizing and showing appreciation for researchers’ excellence and efforts is important to us, as is supporting structures that let researchers thrive.

Among other activities, ambassadors will get to liaise with experts in our network, develop leadership skills, and gain insights into how communicating science really works. For example, many authors feel apprehensive about publishing Open Access, which can seem complex but can also lead to vastly larger readership. Or they might not be aware of handy resources that break down how peer review works or why research integrity matters so much. We want to shed light on all this by teaming with ambassadors.

Ambassadors will not only have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, but will also pay it forward to their peers by representing Karger and sharing what they learn with their cohorts. While we gladly welcome ambassadors at all levels of experience, we anticipate participation especially benefitting Early Career Researchers, including students, PhD candidates, postdocs and others in earlier stages of their careers.

Not only researchers benefit; the program is just as valuable for us. We look forward to the ambassadors bettering our understanding of research communities’ needs and helping us build relationships.

If you think you or anyone you know could thrive in a role as an ambassador, please write us at to find out more.

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