There are different ideas about what we, a scientific publisher, actually do. Let us share some of the misconceptions we often hear. 

“Do you have insights for the book I’m currently writing?” Working for Karger Publishers often comes with the task of explaining what a publishing house in Health Sciences does. People tend to only focus on the terms “medical” or “publishing”. If they hear “medical”, they automatically think that we are all very intelligent and highly educated in natural science (which we of course are 😉) or if the emphasis is on “publisher” they ask us for publishing hacks. In reality, it’s neither. We not only publish medical journals, but also support researchers in their publication journey, make scientific findings easily understandable for healthcare providers, patients, and their caretakers, and provide a lot of different digital products and services.

In the graphic below we have collected some common misconceptions that we encounter as a scientific publisher based in Basel, Switzerland.

 Infographic 5 Misconception

Did we miss anything? Share your impressions in the comments.

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