sonja mysickaSetting daily goals, working in a startup-like atmosphere, and combining three lively kids and a job: Meet Sonja Mysicka and learn more about her job in the Education & Learning unit.

Take us through a day in your work life. What are some of the work habits you’ve developed over the years that help you maintain productivity?

On some days, my work revolves around product management tasks, which are fast-paced and interactive with contacts in and outside the company. On other days, the course creation is in focus, or I support the unit by researching and sharing insights on current topics – for example, finding innovative ways to make andragogy (adult education) more engaging and efficient with the help of technology. This is a quiet and focused type of work. I try to alternate between both. As a team, we support each other, so I will jump on board my colleagues’ projects if a tight deadline needs to be met. Every day is different. In the morning, I define three tasks that I commit to completing no matter where the day takes me. It might not sound like much, but it helps with prioritizing and feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

What motivated you to apply for a position at Karger?

As a psychologist, I am especially interested in health science and in education and learning. I am also a mom of three lively children, I’m fascinated by observing little humans learn. They have fun and learn effortlessly. Adults must put in more effort and carve out time in their busy schedules. Creating products that make the learning experience efficient, engaging, and yes, fun, is fulfilling to me. Another major factor is that Karger is a family-friendly employer. I work part-time and beyond that, Karger offers day-to-day flexibility, which makes it possible for me to balance my family and work obligations.

What has been your experience during the remote working over the last two years?

We have already had SharePoint and Teams set up and were quickly equipped with the hardware, so the technical side worked perfectly. I give great compliments to the Karger IT department for that. I profited from not having to commute, flexibility juggling work and family during the lockdown, and I could concentrate on some tasks better at home. However, I have missed in-person meetings, chatting with my colleagues over coffee, and attending congresses. A mixed model, which I get to do now, is ideal for me.

What do you enjoy the most about your time at Karger?

The way we work feels like a startup but with the benefits of a well-established and highly respected publisher. We apply the “fail fast to learn faster” approach. It is a fun and dynamic way of working.

What would you like someone who’s interested in applying to Karger to know?

As I have already mentioned, Karger is a truly family-friendly company (for moms and dads). Karger also actively supports employees in their further development with a lifelong learning program. The employees are encouraged to request further training if the content is not already offered in some shape or form. It includes not only developing work-related skills but also well-being.

How do you switch off from a busy day at work?

I do sports with my family. We enjoy skiing, swimming, waterskiing and tennis. Doing arts and crafts with my kids is another activity that helps me wind down. I give them an initial idea and some material, then lean back and look at them go (just stopping them before they dye the curtains).


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